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Barbara and I are traveling out west to California this year visiting many of our nations great national parks and state parks all along the way. During our journey it is my goal to share our adventures with you so that you can aspire to do the same one day. I enjoy feed back so please feel free to comment from time to time as I love to hear from you. For your information links are highlighted in yellow and the maps are interactive revealing our route from stop to stop.

Doug Peterson

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homolovi State Park, Winslow, Arizona

Homolovi State Park is located just outside Winslow on the high grasslands of northern Arizona next to The Little Colorado River. Homolovi is home to the 14 century ancestral Hope tribe and is full of artifacts from that time period. Pottery, artifacts and remnants of their homes are throughout the park as well as replicas of their ancestral homes. The visitor center is a museum featuring their culture spanning centuries with many great exhibits. We found the campgrounds to be quite nice with full hookups, clean restrooms and a view of high plains which seem be to limitless. 

Visitor Center

Replica of a 14th Century Hopi Home

Hopi Clay Pottery Artifacts

Bank of The Little Colorado River

Hopi artifacts display at the Visitors Center

 We also visited Winslow, AZ which is famous for the highway which goes through the center of town, old route 66. Winslow is also famous for the second verse written by Glen Fry and Jackson Brown for the song Take it Easy by the Eagles. The verse is " Well I'm standing on the corner in Winslow, AZA statue of Don Henley is in the middle of town honoring the 1972 bill board 100 hit and is a most place to take a portrait.

Homolovi State Park

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